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Ugly Is Not Profitable

RyanJacobyThe April 22 -23 Center for Creative Economy Triad Design Leadershop addressed “Ugly is not Profitable.” Ryan Jacoby delivered an energetic, humorous and creative keynote talk on Tuesday evening. He addressed the process of Design-Based Innovation focusing on both the overall model flow and important elements to include under each of the model segments.

The large audience (100 plus) had many questions and comments that connected Ryan’s content to the challenges they face in their businesses.

Wednesday’s all-day workshop allowed the 30 participants the chance to put Ryan’s content into practice by addressing identified problem statements. This energetic small team experience included learning to focus on the customer’s job to be done, establishing a diverse team, using a divergent and convergent thinking process for both problem clarification and opportunity identification and experiencing the value of prototyping early and often.

Being one of the facilitators, I witnessed the progress and enthusiasm of the teams and realized how much an open and creative group can absorb in a true hands-on learning workshop.

by Bill Knowles

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Triad Design Leadershop: April 22-23

CCE-logoOn April 22 – 23 there will be an event in Winston-Salem, NC hosted by the Center for Creative Economy. This Triad Design Leadershop will feature Ryan Jacoby as the keynote speaker. Ryan was the founding member and location head for the IDEO New York office and is the founder of Machine, a strategy and innovation company that helps businesses conceive and design new business opportunities, services and products.ryan-head

Ryan will speak Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 7:00 on the topic “Ugly is Not Profitable” concerning the importance of Design Thinking to improve business performance. Wednesday from 9:00 – 3:30 will be an experiential workshop to learn and practice the skills of Design-Based Innovation.

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